Sunday, June 30, 2019

Hey, I'm B

First posts are awkward. They're like first dates, you don't know what you're going to expect and maybe the conversation between the two of you is dwindling a bit. You stumble over words just because you don't quite know how they'll react to your catchphrases (mine are shook and beeetch, sadly). That is what I think about first posts, and what my first post will evidently be. Who knows how you'll take it. 

Please enjoy the random photo below brought to you by

I figured it was only appropriate to start off with what I am claiming my brand to be...

So, hey, I'm B and this is my blog.

This first post isn't going to be an about me, not really at least. I can write my life's story but that could be written in the 'about me'. This blog sprouted up because I needed some sort of creativity in my life that was purely for me. I love websites and blogging and this isn't the first blog I've had. I create email accounts and Instagram accounts and different blogs for fun and then leave them to die. We won't die here, though, because I have someone behind the scenes who would push me to keep going

So, what is this blog going to entail? I still don't know. I have so many interests that I start something and never finish it, or I only do that one thing but I'm craving to do other things at the same time. My head gets jumbled up and I never know where to start. That could be one section, documenting the process of doing a certain hobby. This could also end up being an advice column, but what do I know about life? Maybe a little. We could go anywhere we want and it's up to me to just sit on my butt and figure it out.

*Clears Throat*

Welcome to Hey, I'm B. Your first stop (or second or third) for all things random. You might get life tips, travel tips, life advice (doubt it), creative ventures, and everything else in between. Come along on this journey that I call 'what the hell am I doing?'. There will be wtf moments, there will be cheese, there will be questions, mostly me asking you (if there's anyone out there reading).

Short and sweet...



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