Saturday, July 27, 2019

Concert Experiences: Scotty Sire's 'What's Going On' Tour (+ a slight youtube rant)

Hey, I'm B.

            The week after Shawn Mendes, I got the opportunity to go watch Scotty Sire in opportunity, I mean that I bought the concert tickets months prior and by the time it came to the event, it felt like I was going for free. Fantastic, right?

This experience was different for Nayeli and me, simply because I DON’T READ THE IMPORTANT BITS.

I haven’t been to Anaheim in years (2) since I went to school in Irvine, so how was I supposed to know that they moved an ENTIRE venue. Instead of the House of Blues being in Downtown Disney, it was located at the Anaheim Garden Walk, which I didn’t know existed until that day. 

Either way, we enjoyed the less-than-a-mile walk from the Mickey and Friends parking structure to Anaheim Garden Walk as it was a poppin' day... Vidcon was also that weekend.

What is there to say about Scotty Sire and his performance?


To start, Scotty is originally a YouTuber. One which I do enjoy. Some might say that YouTubers are amateur performers or are talentless, etc., and I would probably end up saying, “Well what are you doing with your boring life?” (Maybe).

The difference between these YouTubers who are trying to make it as artists or actors and already professional artists and actors are that YouTubers have to try a lot harder to impress the right people and even more so the consumers. There’s already a stigma behind them about not being taken seriously since they’re not a ‘professional’ level, which I think is a load of bullshit.

I,  a 23 -year-old girl/gal/woman/lady, have quit all forms of Live TV and only watch YouTube. It says a lot about myself (that I’m actually 12, I bet). Either way, Youtube is a great form of entertainment and I wholeheartedly support any one of them trying to pop the bubble that they started in.

Which brings me back to Scotty on Tour. He is one talented individual. He’s an amazing rapper/singer and is an amazing performer. His stage presence is anything but conceited and he comes off as relatable as hell. During his performance, he had a few hiccups, such as starting to sing a little too early or almost tripping. Usually, a performer would ignore the mess up and pretend it never happened, so they would keep going in hopes that no one else noticed. With Scotty, he would blatantly admit to his fuck up on stage with an ‘Ah, shit, started too early’ or something similar. 

While this isn’t something revolutionary, it’s still awesome to see ‘Just Like Us’ moments from these content creators. Scotty is no different, in fact, he might be the most relatable despite being able to perform in front of 2,000 people while I cannot even speak in front of a group of 5 people.

Scotty gave it his all on stage that day, and you could definitely notice. He was happy, excited, and vibing off the crowd who couldn’t stop screaming. I was ecstatic and I felt like a proud mom even though I’m like two years younger than him. It doesn’t matter, the feeling was there. 

The concert was amazing, it was fun to get lost in the music, the light production (which I’m starting to learn that I quite enjoy) was phenomenal and his band, which included Bruce Wiegner, Chris Bloom, Patrick Jarrett, and Toddy Smith, also sounded like they meant to do this. 

It was a spectacular night spent with my best friend listening to one of our favorite creators on the internet. Pretty soon, he’ll be everywhere to the point where even people who have no inkling about YouTube creators will know him.

That’s talent, and this is me jealous.


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