Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Concert Experiences: Shawn Mendes On Tour

Hey, I'm B.

Do you remember your first concert? I do. It was 2006 and I was 10 years old - maybe 11. High School Musical had come out months prior and I was obsessed with Vanessa Hudgens. I think back to that time and wonder why I never begged my parents to take me to High School Musical: The Concert Tour.

My first concert was KIIS FM’s Jingle Ball and while it was fantastic, I only wanted to go to see Vanessa Hudgens’ 10-minute set. It was a very happy time; I found out what Post Concert Depression was. From then on, I went to dozens of concerts... that’s a lie, I didn’t go to my first concert (after the Jingle Ball) until I was 16. And to this day, no matter what concert I go to, I still get PCD.

This brings us to today. I hadn’t been to a concert in a year, possibly, and thanks to my very generous brother (who I still have to pay back) I was able to go see Shawn Mendes at the Staples Center. There’s an indescribable feeling attending a concert, especially one that you drive to on your own (Yes, I’m 23 and have never driven to a concert until this day). The feelings coursing through my body could only be described as euphoria and nerves. Why do I get nerves when I’m not the one performing in front of thousands of people? I have no clue. Perhaps, it’s my 16-year-old mind thinking I’ll run into One Direction.

My best friend, Nayeli, and I made it to our seats with just enough time to settle down. The seats were not terrible, whatsoever, and I’m definitely over the days where I complain about shit seats. We were both excited because one, we’ve never been to a concert together and two, it’s Shawn Mendes. We've slowly been falling in love with his music and safe to say, him.

But that's beside the point. Shawn did amazing and the visuals were gorgeous with pinks and reds. Granted, we were at the side of the stage but from what I could see, it was stunning. Shawn Mendes is a performer. I'm not sure how much I can say about him considering I know next to nothing about musicians in a technical aspect, but I can say that his high notes are K I L L E R. We sang our hearts out to the songs we fully knew, mumbled along to the ones we sort of knew, and just danced the night (or three hours) away until our feet hurt and our voices were hoarse.

It's safe to say that concerts are my happy place, and I'm positive they're Nayeli's, as well. Being in an area where everyone is there for one reason only, to enjoy themselves over their favorite music and artist, is a different feeling than anything else. We were carefree and in the moment and we didn't have to feel embarrassed about sounding like a dying walrus when we sang, at least on my part, oops.

Going to a concert after a year of not attending any sort of musical event was a breath of fresh air. I needed that tiny spark of joy that I knew was missing.



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