Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Writing Sprints - New School

Hey, I'm B.

I claim to want to be a writer, yet I don't do much writing. I want to fix that and the only way possible is to actually sit down and write. Writing an entire novel seems daunting, yet I will do that one day. For now, I want to do 5 to 10-minute writing sprints. By doing quick word vomit posts - as I like to call them - I'll be able to get words down about a certain prompt and not care how it sounds. Writing sprints are meant to see how much you can write within a short amount of time without backtracking. I believe this will help me write without second-guessing myself. Plus, writing takes practice and I am severely out of practice. 

Writing Sprint Prompt - New School
Time: 5 Minutes
Word Count: 204 Words

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Stepping out of the car and feeling the crunch of snow was something completely new to her. She had never felt snow in her life and now she was to live in an entirely new country where it snowed more than half of the year. She was alone, with just a suitcase and carry on which the taxi driver helped take out from the trunk. She stared at her surroundings, the giant oak trees, dead and covered in a blanket of snow, the howling wind, nipping at any sort of visible skin. And then the large, gothic style building in front of her. She’s seen this building before in photos that her grandmother kept buried in photo albums. From what her grandmother recalled, she absolutely hated it. Saint Abigail’s Reformation School for the Young Girl.

Her mother had absolutely enough with her. From the truancies to suspensions to finally expulsions. Being expelled wasn’t the last resort for her mother. She honestly tried and homeschooled her, but when mom wasn’t home, it was almost too easy to get into more trouble. She doesn’t blame her mother, how could she when the reason she was here was because she was tried as an adult for murder.
Reading this back a couple of hours later, I can see where I was headed with this. I love the idea, it's gripping and I'm already asking for more...even though I wrote it. Since it was only a five-minute sprint, I can see where I started telling instead of showing. Actually, I want to say that this entire thing was telling me what was going on and not truly showing me. However, this is why we practice and why I may come back to this someday and expand and make it better. Let's get practicing. ✏️

I'm excited to start writing again, but my heart is going pitter-patter now with the thought of people reading my writing. 🥺


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